potential explanation to matchmaking problems

I recently read the dev update of a certain asymmetrical online horror game which made me realize a potential reason why matchmaking is still kinda screwed right now in both, normals and rankeds. They talked about how they tested a different matchmaking algorhythm that "improved ping overall". They matched up people from the same region in the same games to ensure that the ping of everyone is somewhat equal and "fair" for every participant. One of the reasons why they reverted this change was a larger rank disparity. When I read this I suddenly realized the high amount of German people I met in my last games. In almost every game, **whenever** I played, the enemies were also German. Even the randoms in our team were very often German. (summoner names and club names often gave this away. Or sometimes, sadly, they started insulting or taunting in German) This doesn't have to be true. Maybe it isn't at all and this is just a coincidence but it could also be true. What are your experiences with that? Could this be (one of) the reason(s) matchmaking is screwed? We could "test" this by asking our teammates and enemies where they are from and collect that data. Tell me your opinions :)
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