A Much Needed Change for Karma

#Intro Hi! I'm a Karma mid OTP, and I am here to propose an idea that's pretty common throughout the community of Karma mains; I am positive that it would fit some of Karma's issues that prevent her from being a stable, viable mid lane pick in solo queue. I, for one, am not a fan of (nor do I enjoy) the shield-bot playstyle that is forced onto Karma, and I'd hope that this change would be able to push Karma away from that uninteractive playstyle to a more mechanically demanding, but satisfying-to-play playstyle. #The Problem Karma's Inner Flame (Q) and Soulflare (RQ) both have a direction-targetted casting paradigm with collision effects. This means that if Karma casts Inner Flame into an incoming minion wave (vertical), it will hit and stop at the first minion instead of passing through and hitting the minions behind. It is worth noting that there is a small radius from the impact where enemies are also damaged and slowed. This casting paradigm on Karma's primary damaging spell makes it so that not only does she have trouble clearing minion waves in a vertical line, but she also has trouble damaging opponents later on in the game. I think the former completely turns renders RQ's initial purpose (damaging) null; it becomes a way for her to reset Mantra so she can just quickly RE again. I don't think that's how Riot envisioned team fighting on Karma to be, and I feel like if enemies aren't respecting her damage potential as they would with any other mage, they should take damage. As for the waveclear issue, someone could claim that the poor wave clear is simply a weakness and that all champions have a weakness. I'd agree with that. Riot changing Soulflare's casting paradigm get rid of this weakness. #The Solution The solution to this issue is very simple. Making Soulflare ground-targetted would ensure that Karma mid can act as a reliable mage for her team while retaining her weakness of poor wave-clear. I am fully aware that Karma's Soulflare maybe would be unbalanced if it were given a ground-casting paradigm with its _**current numbers**_. I think it would be fair to strip some of the damage away and maybe even decrease the slow if necessary to compensate. There would also obviously have to be a delay (similar to Xerath or Brand W). #Karma's fine, why touch her? I believe Karma's generalist nature is best used in organized/pro-play, and that in solo queue, she just doesn't perform as well as other similar champions that have more focused kits. Changing the casting paradigm for her main burst tool would make Karma (in all roles, top, mid, and support) more viable in solo queue, and less dependent (but still dependent enough) on teammates. #TLDR RQ being so easily blockable completely gimps mid lane Karma's DPS in the mid to late game. This makes her have to revert to a supportive shield-bot playstyle. I don't find that fun, balanced, or interactive for a mage. I'd like for Riot to change the casting paradigm of RQ.
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