Tahm kench is apparently too strong still

Its just weird, I play tahm kench, i win despite the recent nerfs and then the enemy team downplays my efforts saying that I`m abusing an overpowered champion. He clearly needs his q removed so nobody will have to hide behind minions/dodge it, his w should be the only poke he has ...100 mana for 60 aoe damage is completly balanced and the only thing this champ should be able to work with. /sarcasm In all seriousness, remove tahm`s passive damage and put it back onto his ultimate so he has to put points into it in order to get his damage. There , no more lane bully and tahm has a late game, problem solved. Infact it was a problem riot made on **accident**, they took the damage off of his ultimate and put it on his passive so he could actually do something in botlane before it was too late, then they shoved him toplane with the damage still on his passive so ofc hes gonna be a damn lanebully, hes getting that damage for free instead of having to stall the game and scale. Tldr: remove passive damage in laning phase, give it back as he puts points in his ultimate.
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