Riot, if you want to balance LCS, why not balance JUST LCS?

Think about it, you're balancing this system for only a few hundred matches versus thousands of matches. I get that you don't want LCS players to do the same thing every game and just pick meta champions for their ELO, so I figured that a solution should have had struck you guys a while ago. Why not just make the two separate? Just balance LCS for LCS, and balance your normal game for the playerbase. **PROS** * Your players will complain less about the arbitrary changes (removing tracker's knife for low-mid ELO just because it's busted AF in the LCS) * It gives you the potential to make items specifically for the LCS, therefore making it more interesting and based on skill * Off-Meta picks could be balanced into the LCS **POTENTIAL CONS** The only real con that I could think of, correct me if there are more, is that LCS teams would have to have their own client that is maintained just for them. A worthy sacrifice if you ask me. Just a thought {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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