Why is Sylas allowed to deal more damage with the Ult he stole more than the owner of the ult?

Title A champion like Ahri is balanced around having 3 dashes with her Kit But when Sylas steals her Ult , not only he gets 3 dashes ( with the 2 dashes he already has ) , his Ult ( the Stolen Ahri Ult ) deals more damage than Ahri's ult despite having more AP than him. It sucks picking Ahri into Sylas then he does more damage than you with your own Ult while watching him dashing around then proc his passive freely for every dash Not only Ahri tho , the same goes for other Ultimates that don't deal much dmg , maybe like Shaco's Ult Clone explosion? not sure about the numbers , can't think of other examples but Ahri's Ult is the best Example .
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