Can we please go back to old stealth?

Y'know where buying a pink ward against them was actual counterplay. As an Old Shaco main I use to both love and HATE it when a support would carry around 3 pink wards waiting for me to make a move. Now nobody buys pinks or even sweepers to counter stealth because it just doesn't matter. Stealth like Twitch/Evelynn shouldn't even exist. It defeats the entire point of stealth and rewards people for not warding. Stealth was never an issue before despite that huge uproar about it, the problem was people REFUSING to buy pinks. Late game stealth wasn't even any different than it is now because nobody had room for pinks when they had 6 items. Just really sick of Akali or Vayne beating my ass while my only counterplay is to run and wait it out and hope I don't die during it or to pray that i'm playing some massive AoE CC/Damage champion that doesn't even need aiming because otherwise I risk it being dodged and back to square one
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