A ranked ladder that does not represent the player but the inconstancies of their teammates.

The current system known as MMR and it face value counterpart LP is a false system of representation. The system right now does not express the individual player skill but the inconsistency of his/her teammates' skill. Furthermore, the algorithm for calculating MMR should be made public so people can know exactly what went into the making /result of a game, pre-game through post-game for all members of a played game. Thus allowing players more insight into improving the chances of repeating the desired outcome of their play and diminishing upon undesired results. Basically, I am asking for there to be more transparency on Riot's side about everything MMR related. Also, I'd like to know more about their philosophy as to what the ranked ladder is in theory intended to represent and how well they feel the current ladder does hold true to their philosophy of the ranked ladder. Ultimately I am of the opinion that the ranked ladder MMR system should be revisited and improved upon.

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