I really HOPE for S10 the ladder gets a HARD MMR reset

This season has been an absolute shit show with the lower half being able to shift to higher ranks because their MMR was completely reset as usual in past season. This is was seen pretty much across all elos from at least Gold+ to even Challeneger players talking about the poor match making this season. Personally I've been playing around plat elo this season and almost got as high as Diamond and the match making was almost complete utter garbage every few games. You'd have one or two games good games followed by the next five being a shit show. When you look up some of these people after game you'd see they're like four seasons in silver then suddenly plat this season, like what? I mean sure people can improve (I do believe people can get better every season) however when you see some of these people in game they clearly lack macro awareness and game awareness in general and it's fair to say some of these people got lucky their MMR wasn't hard reset. You'd have some people at Plat elo split pushing the most random times, zero map awareness, no objective awareness or baron or dragon and my favourite part of this season is all the genius junglers who decided to go bot lane to get some minions when baron was up. Man if I had a dollar for every jungler who lacked such awareness I'd be so fucking rich this season. HARD RESET THE LADDER, PLEASE AND THANK YOU.
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