I wonder if cooldowns exist on Jax...

I love to play vs Jax, its so funny. This guy has so much counterplay. He is supposed to be a lategame fighter who is scalling with items but he can delete you at lvl 8-9. Maybe he can have some cooldowns, you know the thing that is supposed to prevent players from crushing their heads on the keyboards to make kills. (Hello {{champion:13}} players :). Oh i forget, it's no longer exist ! Thanks to {{item:3161}}. Don't worry, Jax isn't the only problem, hello {{champion:92}}. Why you buffed him by reducing his Q CD ? Jax was jumping every 4s before this buff and now it's worse. There is no way to escape him or chase him. I'm still wondering why his Ward Q combo is still here when {{champion:55}} had this mecanic removed with her E so why keep it on Jax ? His E is really a cancer spell. That why it's need to have a cooldown. Otherwise how you are expecting us to win vs this ? Jax can AA under his E and you can't AA him. It's very very strong guys !! That why we don't want to have a Jax using this spell often. I was playing {{champion:10}} vs him, i took {{item:3140}} to counter his stupid stun, i called my jungler 100000 times and he still was a big problem. He wasn't feed but the champ is too much forgiving. I was killing him on lvl 1-3. I took first blood on him. He wasn't a good Jax because a good Jax would never have died vs a Kayle at lvl 2 by overtrading. He wasn't warding that much because the ganks were always leading to a kill. But he was constantly pressing Q W and i couldn't punish him. He was making big dmg with his Q W while my Q E didn't make that much dmg. Thank god, i have a good ultimate because otherwise, he would have towerdive me at lvl 8-9. What are your anwsers against this ? Playing more cancerous champ with less CD ? Ok Kayle wasn't the best pick into Jax but he was scaling way better than me which i find stupid considering he wasn't even winning his lane. I played safe under tower all the time because his dmg was really high. He did have 2 {{item:1036}}. Okay Kayle is not a tank, she is squishy but he was dealing a stupid dmg. To the septical ones, here somes informations about Jax : https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Jax/Abilities **Jax Q :** CD : 8/7,5/7/6,5/6s Range : 700 Mana cost : 65 Dmg : 65/105/145/185/225 + 100% bonus AD + 60% AP. Okay, we have 6s CD at max lvl for a 700 ua jump. Remember, Caitlyn range is 675 or something like that but under 700. So Jax has a 6s dash who can cover 700 ua. Seems legit, especially with CDR items (ironic). But look at the dmg, it's pretty high. And this only for 65 mana ? I think there is a problem. This spell should cost more than "65" mana point. It's basically a safety spell, an engage spell, a dmg spell with a big range and a big dmg. No wonder why he is broken. 6s at max lvl. Do you understand that Jax build CDR ? So it's not 6s, it's less !! There is no way to escape or chase him with a spell like this. I'd rather buff the dmg and increase the CD. Also 8s at first level is short too. **Jax W :** CD : 7/6/5/4/3 Mana cost : 30 Dmg : 40/75/110/145/180 + 60% AP. The cooldown is legit in early but we can't have only 3s CD at max lvl. This spell is the first to max so it's mean at lvl 9, Jax has a 180 bonus dmg on AA every 3s with a auto attack reset and pratically no mana cost. Lvl 9 isn't lategame, let's be honest. Yes he become powerful with the lenght of the game but if he can have a 3s spell at lvl 9 (less with CDR), what are we going to have in lategame when he will have 4-5 items ? **Jax E :** CD : 16/14/12/10/8s Effect radius : 300 Min physical dmg : 55/80/105/130/155 + 50% bonus AD Max physical dmg : 110/160/210/260/310 + 100% bonus AD Mana cost : 50/60/70/80/90 The CD is okay except when max. 8s CD, no. It's not enough. Jax can keep his E for 2s. With CDR, {{item:3161}} 8s is not 8s. It's way less. Also the stun is not possible to dogde with his Q which is fustrating because even if you are smart and don't attack him in his E, you will get stunned. This spell is unfair because he can auto attack under this spell. You have no option except to leave the fight and escape him. But you can't escape him. With his Q having almost 0s CD, you can't really escape. So basically, when he uses this spell, you have to CC him and escape him. But the Q is too much annoying because like i said, it's cover 700 ua range. Which mean he only has to press Q before stunning. But this spell would be balanced if the CD was higher because the dmg aren't that high, the stun last only for 1s, the mana cost is perfect... The problems are the CD again. **Jax R :** Passive : Magic dmg : 100/140/180 + 70% AP every 3s auto attacks within 2,5s of each other. Active : He gains armor and resist for 8s. I won't talk about the active because it's fair to me but the passive isn't. How you can gain 100 free magic dmg every 3 aa at lvl 6 ? Jax is supposed to be lategame right ? The scaling should be like 60/120/180. Instead, you gain 100 free dmg at lvl 6 and you can become tanky for 8s. Also don't forget we can't really build effective vs Jax since he is hybrid. These cooldowns aren't acceptable. But first, remove {{item:3161}}, and increase Q, W, E CD. If Jax need a buff, buff his dueling capacity like his W dmg on lategame or his passive or his ulti. Maybe why not make his E last longer than 2s if it's can have an high CD. Or add more passive stacks so he can gains more attack speed. This way he will be a fighter and not a permanent jumping machine.
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