Just as expected, Boards community doesn't understand jack shit about Preseason

This isn't referring to the previous thread where I predicted the main topics in the Preseason based on my PBE experience. Just looking at what's on the frontpage now. > Riot: The community wants you to know, we want turrets stronger, not weaker. I don't think they'll change it, seems like they want games to go faster to add Bo3 in LCS. I've gotta admit, though, one of the top answers is actually smart: "I don't mind that they are easier to take down. What needs to happen is that the damage is increased 25-50%. Fiddlesticks can dive turrets since they are so underpowered right now." > All these complaints about Crits, Yasuo, Graves, etc etc were brought to the attention of Riot when the preseaon hit the PBE. TOOOLD YA. Seriously though, it's time to say it out loud: PBE will never be used for balance. It's just there to make sure new patch doesn't make the game unplayable. Remember the last time when PBE feedback was used to balance a champion? That was release Skarner, because PBE players felt he's not strong enough. Oops. > Congratulations Riot (Yasuo with 100% crit with just {{item:3087}} + {{item:1018}} ) You know what's funny? Even that might just bring his winrate to barely over 50% (he was sitting at a quite low winrate before). That doesn't change the fundamental problem with Yasuo - he's frustrating to play against. It's not like everything CertainlyT touches is a disaster - his Caitlyn rework is great! - but yeah, that's certainly a broken, overly mobile, double-passived (used to be triple!) champion CT is known for. Yasuo needs more systematic changes. First step would be moving one of his passives to W (or recreating them, 10% crit per rank seems reasonable). Or just about anything. > What the actual fuck Riot? Oh what a descriptive, inviting, totally-not-clickbait title. I'm sure Rioters will be eager to read what's inside, but in case they'r esurprisingly not interested in visiting such a thread, let's take a look... "Mages are useless" - geez, totally didn't see that coming. "Positioning no longer matters, Micro decisions no longer matter, its a constant brawl" - I have trouble seeing how are those two connected; if it's a constant brawl, it's ONLY micro that matters. > Keystones are terrible for AP mids Deathfire Touch is so strong on DPS mages that I'm genuinely afraid Riot might nerf my Brand. What's funny is the OP's stance on Thunderlord's Decree: "Bonus AoE damage? Huge cooldown for the terrible base damage and AP scaling it has." 180 base damage is "terrible"? Luden's Echo has 100, and with worse scaling. > Thank god Fallout 4 just came out Somehow I am not surprised with the bandwagon whiners overlapping with Bethesda fanboys. Tolerate the buggy mess of an engine, ignore the "vast as an ocean, shallow as a puddle" writing known from Skyrim, probably jump with joy when they announce paid mods again (mods for PS4, yay!). It takes a specific kind of selective perception to praise F4 as GOTY over The Witcher 3. Pathetic. Move along. > Riot finally addresses 4v5 games with the new minion mechanic Fun fact: **the minion changes are not out yet, they will come in 5.23**. Also, lanes autopushing = no freezing and more farm for losing team. But hey, that would be approaching the problem logically, and we don't want that here; we want to insult them until we get what we wants, that's a tactic that works so well in solo queue. > There is no reason to play AP champions anymore Wait until people stop picking full damage comps and tanks roll out, laughing in the face of full AD teams. Rammus and Malphite are already there. > Why does the winning team need an advantage beyond levels, gold and objectives? See: the minion autopushing problem. Also, one-sided games need to end in 15-25 minutes, not in 40. Yeah, games might be a bit more snowbally than before, but the goal itself was good. You've enjoyed all those snorefests at Worlds, where after first few kills it was 20 minutes of farming? > deathfire touch is terrible "Cunning" is not "utility". Burst mages are not supposed to go into Ferocity. --- If we want to get through with a message to Riot, right now the message is... Not worth reading. Please contain your vitriol and form your arguments in a way that will be worth paying time to. Otherwise you'll come off as a bunch of angry kids and Rioters will treat your feedback as worthless rant.
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