How to solve Crit Chance RNG: Precision Damage

To preface this massive wall of text, I posted this on the OCE boards already, but wanted to get some feedback here as well. Imagine you’re playing Ezreal ADC in a blind pick game against another Ezreal. Both of you are out of mana after lots of trading which boiled down into an auto attack duel. You both have 50% crit, 100 AD and 200 health remaining. 2 AA’s will be the death of you both. If either of you turn to run you will die, so fighting is the only option. You throw your AA simultaneously. His crits, yours does not. You are dead, due to a coin flip. This is not skill. This is not consistency. This is luck. It could happen to anyone. It could happen 10 times in a row, even if that’s almost impossible. This is the nature of crit, and it is not healthy for the longevity of LoL. Losing a battle, or worse a lane, or at worst a game, because of RNG crits happens. And it happens every day amongst the millions of games that are played worldwide daily. I have a solution to this problem that does not break the game, and would require very few tweaks to adjust properly. It evaluates to the same sustained damage dealt, does not require Infinity Edge to be changed, and does not change the end result of crit itself. It changes the implementation. Rather than having lucky spikes in damage, or unlucky droughts due completely to RNG, this system would utilize a way to average out sustained damage. I call this Precision Damage. Precision would replace crit, and empower auto attacks passively. Let’s get into some math to help further my point. Let’s ignore armor for now. Currently, if you have 20% crit chance base and 100 AD, you would crit 1 in 5 times for 200 damage and AA normally for 100 damage. In other words, if you auto attack 5 times, then on average you will deal 600 damage. 1(200) + 4(100) = 200 + 400 = 600. With Precision you would take that same percent value of chance crit and enhance your AA damage by the same value, up to a cap of 100%. READ: THIS IS NOT AN INCREASE TO YOUR OVERALL AD, ONLY TO YOUR AUTO ATTACK DAMAGE. This would mean that those 5 auto attacks at 100 AD would become 120 damage per hit, 5 times. This also equates to 600 damage. Armor would still affect your overall, sustained damage output by the same amount as it currently does. Proof: Now, the biggest question that would be on most peoples’ minds is “But what about Infinity Edge?” And I have the solution to this as well. Rather than increasing your overall AA crit damage by 250% (up from 200%,) with Precision Damage IE would increase your current Precision damage by 50%. Let’s break out some more math to see why this works effectively. Using the same numbers as before, 100 AD, 20% crit chance, and the IE passive, in scenario 1 you would hit one time for 250, and 4 times for 100. 1(250) + 4(100) = 650. With Precision Damage, you would have 130 per hit instead of 120. 100 + (20 x 1.5) = 100 + 30. This, over 5 AA’s still equates to 650 damage. Just for the sake of it, let’s use some larger numbers. 500 AD, 50% crit chance/Precision, and IE, over 10 AA’s. Crit system: 5(500 x 2.5) + 5(500) = 5(1250) + 2500 = 6250 + 1250 = 8750 damage. Precision Damage: 500 x 1.5 (50% crit/Precision) = 250 bonus per AA x 1.5 (IE bonus) = 375 bonus AD per hit. 500 + 375 = 875 per hit x 10 hits = 8750 damage. The next point I need to cover is ability damage. On-hit abilities would not be affected by this change, and as such would remain as they are currently. Unfortunately for some, abilities like Master Yi’s Alpha Strike would be affected by this change. As of now, rank 5 Alpha Strike deals 165 + 100% AD, and if it crits it deals an additional 60% AD damage. 100 AD = 165 + 160 = 325. One in 5 casts with 20% crit chance, and 265 damage for the other 4. This results in 1385 damage. With Precision Damage things get a bit weird here. In this scenario, the damage difference between 5 casts of Alpha Strike with and without a crit, is 60 damage. In order to replicate this we would need to increase each of Yi’s Alpha Strike casts by 12 damage. This means that the Precision Damage would have to affect Yi’s bonus crit damage on Alpha Strike, rather than any other value. So, whatever Yi’s AD is; 100, 200, 500, 1000, you would need to take 60% of that: 60, 120, 300, 600 respectively, and multiply this by the Precision Damage percent. 10% = 6, 12, 30, 60..20% = 12, 24, 60, 120..50% = 30, 60, 150, 300. And add that number to each cast of Alpha Strike. Things become murky and convoluted when doing this, and can make understanding ability damage difficult. Despite this, the formula still works. It is simply more difficult to fully understand. Riot could easily solve this problem with damage calculations on the tooltips. So, as you can see, the damage stays the same regardless of magnitude, regardless of armor, and would still be affected by AS and LS in the same fashion. The only real difference here is that instead of having spiky bursts of RNG damage, or spiky droughts of bad RNG luck, it smooths out the curve. This makes the damage more consistent, and provides a system to which skill matters more than a little bit of luck. In conclusion, I feel that Precision Damage is a better system than the current crit system. I get lucky crits just like everyone else, and it feels good. That said, however, getting unlucky and having bad RNG or getting hit by a lucky crit are far more infuriating, than lucky crits are rewarding. This system works great with IE, Armor, and would not affect abilities in the long run. The only REAL change this system brings is a smoother damage curve to everyone who uses crit. Thank you for reading this wall of text. TL;DR Precision Damage = take your crit chance %, empower your AA to deal that much bonus damage. Crit chance RNG “problem” solved without removing, nerfing, or increasing the sustained damage ADC’s need.

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