Suggestion: Nullifying Orb should be adaptive based on YOUR stats

Nullifying Orb has been previously tested to be adaptive like Camille's passive, but it seemed to be a mandatory pick and the idea was scrapped. What if, instead, Nullifying Orb would adapt based on your own stats? *If you're AD, you'll get a physical shield. If you're AP, you get a magical shield.* This should be determined the same way adaptive AP/AD do at the moment, meaning that tanks get a shield based on their default stat. What this means: * AD champions will no longer have an edge over AP laners from the get-go. Whether you're AP vs AP (both can take Orb), AD vs AD (both can take Orb), or AP vs AD and vice versa (both can't take Orb), everyone is on a middle ground. * The ratio can be tweaked seperately, since AD only triggers physical shields and AP only triggers magical shields, meaning that if physical shields become overly oppressive (because usually there's more physical damage in a game), the AD ratio can be tuned without nerfing the magical shields. * This updated version of Nullifying Orb will only proc on champion damage. We don't want every AD champion ever taking it simply because it negates minion and monster damage. Thoughts?

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