Let's say you have the ability to delete 5 champions of your choice....

If Riot gave you the option to delete your 5 least favorite/most difficult (to fight against) champions, who would you delete? EDIT: This is optional, but if there's a champion you REALLY hate, do you have reasons why? Ex: "I hate Yas because of his 0.1 second CDs...." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For those who may be wondering, I'd ban/delete: 1) {{champion:157}} - No dash cooldown, ranged attack similar to an AA, **WIND WALL**, x2 critical. 2) {{champion:105}} - What everybody refers to as the "Troll Pole". 3) {{champion:131}} - _Very_ annoying, but not too OP; some tanky AD/AP burst...thing with a dash. 4) {{champion:67}} - %HPtrueDamage%HPtrueDamage%HPtrueDamage%HPtrueDamage 5) Either {{champion:238}} or {{champion:107}} - {{champion:238}} can turret dive you at level 3, kill you, and make it out alive (meaning he only lost 1/4th of his total HP). The angry cat can't really dive, but he can stealth.... EDIT: I forgot to mention {{champion:35}}. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for all the posts guys! I hope you enjoy banning your least favorite champion in draft games (if you play them, I know some people prefer blind pick) so you can win. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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