So Camille who's been broken for the whole season, get's -3%AS nerf...

Camille is broken since always and is literally one of the most played jungler by challengers and top laners... gets a -3% AS nerf, but Wukong who was played couple times in lcs and got played for like a month, gets hit hard on 2 of his main spells by base dmg AND ad ratio. His Q literally deals 10 dmg lvl 1, 10 fucking dmg. Also, Camille is a far better top laner and a far far far better jungler, but hey -3%. Not to mention she can jump half the map with her E and lock you down with her ult, and not to mention she has 2 AA resets, and a shield and a heal/slow. But wukong deserved to get hit harder with nerfs, even though they did apsolutely nothing for him FOR 4 YEARS. We can't even get a new passive or a mini rework. No favoritism at all from riot, none at all, amirite.
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