Do NOT open. Angry Mordekaiser Addict inside

Enough is enough.... I've poured my heart and soul in trying to spark a reasonable discussion over the last week, giving constructive criticism and heavily thought out suggestions for the Morde rework at day one and two. These threads drowned in the boiling ball of hate that were the boards at the time. I gave in to my feeling of betrayal and tried to appeal to riot and their designers by asking them to actually come down from their throne to have a discussion with us Morde enthusiasts. What did I accomplish? Nothing Less than Nothing. I not only make everyone think I'm a whiny wimp complaining just for the sake of complaining without actually trying to be reasonable. I open up a Morde thread at least once a day, trying to let off steam so I can rest my conscience. But all to no avail. I didn't manage to get a single Red to answer to our pleas, there was no discussion to be had, no criticism to be acknowledged. Just simple, eerie, depressing silence. I simply failed to do anything to actually try to "save" my favorite champion and heck, I think I deserve it. Why bother thinking riot actually give a crap. Why try to communicate my gripes with the Rework even though they stated they'd like to know. The sheer fact that I accomplished nothing just goes to show that once Riot has woven their neat little plans nothing can stop it. But hey, at least they comment on trivial things lying in the distant future than actually care to actually tell us what's happening to Mordekaiser, what Ideas could be incorporated in his rework, what's his core identity and how can we make this bloody thing work. This will probably be my last thread on Gameplay and Balance since I can't even help my favorite champion. ~M.M
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