Viegar/Nasus passive scaling is good design?

I hate complaining c.c. I understand they've always been like that. You bully them and close before they catch up. I just don't understand how it seems like I'm the only person annoyed that they basically get massively rewarded for playing the game normally. My teemo and I went out of our way to kill Nasus and Vie every time we saw them. If they swapped, we swapped. It just doesn't seem like good design **to me** beating someone to the point of uselessness only to come back and obliterate you because you left for a moment to go make a play on the map. That just aint fun to me. You want to outscale me? Fine level up and farm up items. I think {{champion:45}} is a bit more annoying because he outscales you by landing his abilities and farming. You put him behind and he'll slowly outscale you poking you and other people. I don't enjoy having to tail them all game and stop everything else in fear that in the minute I'm gone they'll grow stronger than me. You basically get locked into your lane as an abusive baby sitter :l Is the counterplay to pick another lategame hyper carry? I know a ton of champions that slam them in the laning phaase and have a good/decent late game. Though they can't deal with them once they get even a decent amount of "farm scaling". Apparently 6 kills and cs denial ain't enough. Noone really complains about it so I'nm sure there's a reason why. I just don''t know what it is. Why does noone find this annoying?
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