More restriction for Ranked!

Please look in to this major problem in league of legend that really makes me and other people sick of playing. There needs to be some kind of filter from newbie people and people that actual got some experience playing. Ranked should be more difficult to get in because in 4 of 5 games there is someone who either feeding, or doesn't know how to play, playing first time. Therefore ruining other peoples experience and create a lot of negative emotions. Game should be enjoyable. Its really hard to get out of bronze with always positive scores in defeated games. So what I offer is to either create a pre-ranked mode for all the newbies that just got to level 30 to practice their skills with people that doesn't now how to play yet. Another option is to create a requirement to play at least 100 normal games with any champion before you can enter ranked. This of course is not a problem for those who play with partners of friends in party, but for me and everyone else who play in auto matching its really a problem. Instead of making better way to punish people for cursing , rather solve a problem why people curse.
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