Is it just me...

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting seriously tired of this wildly garbage meta where games are decided 10 mins in by an unranked botlane refusing to listen to spam MIA pings and giving away a needless triple kill to the Kayn which then snowballed the game and proceeded to take 3 inhibs by minute 18 because our toplane Aatrox just walks into the enemy Urgot while he is 0/4/0 at 7 minutes so he can be 0/5/0, subsequently losing 2 towers in his lane faster than 9/11 so Urgot and Kayn can then take Rift Herald and use it mid so I have 4-5 people ARAMing mid at minute 15 while I'm sitting on one item as my botlane afk farms refusing to def so after all 3 inhibs are down the enemy takes baron and steamrolls the game with 0 counterplay????? Every god damn game is like this, for and against. Rarely have I had a match this season I can actually call balanced. This is fun riot???? God this early ranked season sucks.

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