I don't understand these Master Yi changes, can the devs please explain them

These changes were according to Riot designed to make Master Yi weaker low elo but stronger higher elo. However this has had the opposite effect. These changes made Master Yi's on-hit build useless because of Rageblade and Conqueror nerfs but Crit build more viable and with the Q changes you can now attack the same person 4 times with Alpha strike. This means you can now at low elo one shot a squishy even faster than before. You legit Q to them for 100% damage and then hit them another 3 times if no other targets are near for 25% damage each but since you will be building crit the 3 hits for 25% damage will also crit meaning each of the hits will still hit like a truck. Basically these changes had the opposite effect and made Master Yi even stronger low elos but unplayable higher elos
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