Sion winrate keeps declineing, his playrate at an all time low yet here we are people still max E

It's so obvious really Q is too unreliable to max right now Both damage wise and for farming minions The health regen nerf was also unnecessary, i can get behind lowering the earlygame regen but it should properly scale at least to match potential health growth Right now Sion is a little weak in the early game which used to be one of his strong points and he could do well in the early stages of mid game and right until the end of mid game if capitalizing too but he would fall off anyway But he lost those strong phases with very little in the way of having the ability to scale uo Sion is an inherently more risky pick then any other tank because he has low base stats and is reliant on cs to make up for it. The main parts of the game where you can do this are the early game and mid game because his damage is all around handicapped vs minions and now recently took a hit making it even harder to farm later into the game To make matters worse his unreliable telegraphed kit doesnn't help him when enemies get ever more mobile as the game progresses. Starting off on the back foot compared to other tanks because of potential to scale is one thing but then there should actually be a potential to scale As it stands right now going even or losing lane means your enemies have free reign for over 40 minutes or longer if you lose lane and get zoned Whilst doing well barely allows for any significant scaling at all and still gives your opponents a leg up until 35 minutes are passed. And even then your chances of winning are slim With game times being shorter these days shit gets even worse Being inherently more risky then other picks with none of the rewards that isn't right now wonder no one wants to play him It's not even hard to rectify all of this W active damage scale with Sion's health and remove the damage cap vs monsters and minions since it would be redundant this way Sion can have a tool for farming later into the game since he wouldn't be attacking high health minions for 10 years in a side lane And if the enemies don't use their early and mid game advantage they have now after the recent changes then it's their own fault anyway The ability has plenty of counter play as well. The % damage can even scale up with rank just like the shield value if needed. Q damage vs minions goes from 34%-67% by rank 5 so it matches damage vs monsters Q also starts off with more damage right now it's 33% at snapcasting going up to 100% after 2 seconds of channeling just make it start at 40% instead this would make it so much more reliable that people might actually rank it first rather then E max Base health regen goes to 5hp/5 at level 1 and can grow to become the highest of all champions to match potential health growth Offsets the Q buff for lane phase as well to keep things balanced Can we get the big guy viable at least . . . With a shitty to mediocre early and mid game there should at least be the potential to scale sadly it's not there. Being punished in stats for being capable of farming some stats yet also being handicapped in farming those stats is really dumb because it makes the whole thing pointless Then nerfing his strong points with zero compensation leaves him weak at all stages Like i pointed out it's easy to fix without bringing back the toxic aspects or you know we could just leave him limping and rotting for another 2 years as usual.

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