Why Laners should hate the Jungle exp nerf as well as Junglers

For all you players out there who has no idea what Meta it is, it's "NO CATCH UP" meta If you stay behind, you stay there.... the only way you win is if the enemy happen to throw hella hard or if you happen to have majority of the winning lanes, especially Bot lane, if you're behind and your ADC is also shitting the bed, pretty much it's game over already. --------------- But let's go back to the Jungle exp nerf. So majority of you baddies, don't even play Jungle nor understand jungle. You read one sentences from the patch note and assume it's good "Camp Spawn faster now" LOL Yeah no it doesn't mean you get more exp dumb dumb. Camp Spawn faster now but it doesn't even matter because it still deny jungler the exp necessary to catch up. It use to take 6-7min to hit level 6, but now it takes as long as 8-10min to get level 6 especially if you're losing. ---------------- And why I mention to Laners why they should hate the Jungle exp nerf as well? Because this make jungler less likely to gank your dumb lane especially if laner can't follow up a gank or fuck up the jungler gank. (When that happen you set your Jungler super behind if the enemy jungler know wtf hes doing) So if your jungler give you an advantage in lane and you don't take it. You basically loss the game for yourself and the jungler. And because of that it makes jungler like me want to just afk farm and make up for the exp nerf and the fail gank that laner would cost us. ----------------- If you're Gold and below you prolly don't see much jungler get punish heavily for fail ganking than higher elo. So you think to yourself this guy doesn't know wtf he's talking about LOL. But in reality you're just not good enough to know where the game stand at this point.
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