Noob here trying to learn jungle pathing early

Hello! I am pretty new to Lol (my acc is lvl 28 and I've been playing for a week and a half) and I'm wondering how to improve my jungle efficiency early game. I just went into draft pick and got placed against an Iron III Hecarim who, by the five-minute-mark, had gotten 40 cs, held mid while sylas backed, ganked bot twice and had gotten a few kills and assists. He used pretty much the same jungle pathing as I did but didn't take any scuttles. By then I had taken blue, gromp, wolves, top scuttle, red, and krugs, which brought me to about 24 cs. I had tried to gank mid but sylas got away (which led to hecarim filling in) This happens a lot, like somehow junglers in the early game will have fully cleared by the five minute mark and have already pulled off a gank or two. I have no idea how they clear so fast, cause Hecarim didn't kite. He kinda just stood there and tanked all the camps and still was able to get around. There was also a Iron? Rengar a few games back that had 50+ cs at around 6-7 minutes and ended up carrying the game with around 165-200+ cs at 30-35ish minutes, which was almost double what I had. (Though I fell behind late game because I focus on teamfights instead of farming and I'm usually not the one split pushing) Do you guys have any tips for clearing jungle camps early? I've watched a few videos and I do make an attempt at kiting, but I still fall behind early game. I main Kindred btw, so scuttles are woven into my path because of my marks.
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