Everyone that complains about pyke learn about the champion first please.

Like almost every post complaining about pyke is from someone who has no clue how his kit works. Like why complain if you don't know anything about the champion you're complaining about? Here are some common things that are wrong I see: 1: People act like he can regenerate all his hp at basically any level that is false. Late game he can regenerate at most 60% of his hp and that is late game. 2: people think for some reason that he is countered by poke, he isn't and is why he has his passive. 3: People think he has high damage. It is only high in early game, for the rest of the game he does about the same as a high damage enchanter no where close to a mage support. It FEELS like he does more due to his ult. 4: He has no escape like he can't e since it will be down 90% of the time he wants to run and ms is a bad escape. I don't know why people will always say it but it's annoying. 5: just because he has aoe doesn't mean his is strong or is unfair, everything he has can be dodge fairly easily well the ult is hard to dodge if flash is not up and you can flash stun but that's it. There are more but that's the main ones I see from people. Now I'm not saying he is weak I think he is good but not good enough for nerfs. Like pyke is much weaker now then where he actually got nerfs especially after aftershock got nerfed.
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