How would YOU fix Taliya?

So {{champion:163}} has been out for a month; and pretty much everyone agrees she is a MESS! Even the E-sports announcers were joking about how bad she is at the split! Kinda sad really as I like her aesthetically and in play concept. So topic. What do you think needs to be done for this spunky sand girl to fit in with the rest of the roster? I'll start the ball rolling. Tail is supposed to be a control mage, thing is, TONS of other champs fill this roll better AND are simpler to play... I would give her the niche of having strong wandering potential and turn worked ground into something you can exploit if used properly. Passive: As it stands, Tali's passive is just a much worse version of MF's old passive! I'd start by having it kick in when ever shes out of combat, rather then just near a wall. Also, its way too slow. I'd bump its base up to 70% and have each point in ult add 10%. Now she can fly around the map and apply pressure every time she's MIA. Q: Worked ground is TERRIBLE as is... her Q is not so strong that it needs to have this kinda down side. I'd do the following. When q is used on worked ground. It should refund 75% of the mana AND 50% of the cool down. Now a section of worked ground could actually be used for tactical advantage by Tali, not just her enemies. W: Just would make it so she could use it to launch herself 2x the distance of enemies and refund 50% cool down when she does. Now the move has some versatility and would add the her theme as a fast moving control mage. E: No REAL issues with this one, but it would be nice if the individual rocks would start to "shake" and then explode after a short delay if an enemy champion moves over them, as opposed to the long delay or insta-boom on dash they do now. R: In addition to adding 10% move speed to passive per rank, I'd just cut the CD down a bit, maybe 20 seconds per rank? That's my 2 cents. I'd like to hear yours! :D ---
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