Juggernauts are the most frustrating champs to play against imo

Honestly yes sometimes assassins are big annoying. Sure fighters and adcs are sometimes annoying. But honestly, for the most part they all fall under the gauge of "these champs do lots of damage but they are squishy!" Now it's my personal OPINION, not fact, that champions that are building primarily tank items (i.e items that don't offer significant damage) should not be bursting, at all, ever. unless maybe it's like they are lv 18 and fighting a lv 11 champ. Volibear at level 10, did 1234 damage in 0/94 seconds and his exact build was {{item:1401}} {{item:1031}} {{item:1011}} {{item:3047}} . I was playing eve yes im fully aware she is squishy. But a champion with 0 mr items is out bursting me? Doubling my damage? Not even that. Like frankly i dont care about eve not winning the 1v1 like it's the fact that volibear bursted me down, with literally not a single damage item. He also did most damage on his team. So it's really really ridiculous because like why let a champion sit there and do that much damage while also building purely tank. End game the only actual damage items he had was f.m and deadmans "im only putting deadmans in as offensive because the ONE person is gonna say it's a damage item because it does like 60 magic damage. This is just one experience but im pretty sure darius falls under this category as well and not only does he do fuck tons of damage but hes also mobile as shit. It really bothers me that top lane gets so much leniency on what gets to stay ridiculous to play against
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