ive played 6 games of top today. of those 6 ive seen 2 renektons and 3 pantheons.

do u think maybe something is wrong with the lane? anything? do u think its possible that people can queue up top and have any sort of interaction with the enemy top? Just once I want to lose lane because I was bad rather than I didn't pick a champ that is designed to win lane and then "fall off" ( complete horseshit) do u think its possible u can do something about early laning phase and how horible it is for some champs? id really not wish to rely on my jungler every single game just to be able to farm evenly. i really wish they actually fell off like riot says they do. renek only gets stronger and his teamfight is still super strong. idk whats going on tbh edit: didnt die once to him in lane and tried to do shit but since i was denied so much famr i was beyond useless. "he falls off tho xDDD" balance team more like braindead team
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