Caitlyn needs to be tuned, she is too oppressive.

Hey guys! So, before I start this thread, please do not misinterpret this as a "rage thread, or a rant", as this is not the meaning of this thread. I am saying this, Caitlyn at the moment is too oppressive. But, we'll get to that soon. If you disagree majorly, please atleast read the thread, thank you. If you're a Caitlyn main, well, say you are atleast. Caitlyn is too oppressive. Her long range makes her extremely difficult to target in teamfights, and she does insane damage like any ADC in a teamfight. But, that isn't what really makes her difficult. It is impossible to defend a siege from her if she is on the winning team. By placing traps at your turret, you can't engage on her unless you have a teleport ability, and even if you try to engage on her, she can use her safe escape option and long range to kite you down. This may sound like what every ADC can do, and yes, Caitlyn is balanced. She has her weaknesses, like if her escape isn't on cooldown, she's a walking target. I want Caitlyn to feel fair to play against, and a lot more healthy in general for those who face her though. I suggest a few things, a thread before has stated, "To give Caitlyn's traps the "Azir" treatment. This to be honest, is a good option, but what range will be specified for the traps? A caitlyn can still place a trap along the border of the "Azir line", and nothing would change. I propose this change : Make taking out Caitlyn's traps feel more meaningful, stepping on them should mean that she can't place another one right away. But, make the traps slightly stronger to compensate for this change. Caitlyn shouldn't be able to create an entire wall of traps to absolutely annihilate your team, and never allow you to come on her. Thanks for reading, bye!
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