What are the chances of bringing Wild Rift to Steam / PC?

Obviously there's a massive gameplay gap between people on phones and people on consoles. So phone / console crossplay would be absolutely unbalanced. However this new look Wild Rift has, compared to normal LoL; BEAUTIFUL models. ESPECIALLY ANNIE. And I know there's not going to be any visual update to Annie / Jax / TF / Other old champions anytime soon. I also see this rift is skimmed, not having "Rise of the Elements" yet. And some champion abilities ( Like Ashe's R. ) have been changed to better suit console / phone. Obviously, this rendition is nothing like our current LoL. So could we possibly see a Steam-port, for those who want to play LoL but not deal with the low-tier graphics? Also most of the interface is simplified, which new players would like to experience before normal LoL. But above all, Wild Rift is "A MOBA 5v5." Not "League of Legends." This is LoL at it's bare minimum, and some of the people who are a teensy-bit fed up with nerfs and patches could ease into Wild Rift. All of this aside, please let there be a PC / Steam port of Wild Rift. Don't make this a phone / console game only.
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