We need to have a discussion about this champion class

Bruisers have no role in this game. They don't do as much damage as carries, they are not as tanky as tanks. They are not as strong early as tanks and they are not as strong late as carries. They cannot splitpush because their waveclear is not as good as tanks and they cannot teamfight because they do not have as much utility as tanks. Their items cost more than tanks, carries and supports. The utility of their items are worse than tanks and their items do not do as much damage as carries. They have no rune tree they can call their own. Bruisers have almost no role in this game. They do not have a single point in the game where you would want them over another kind of champion. What needs to be addressed is to make it clear what kind of role in this game Bruisers are going to have and then commit to it. Otherwise you may as well delete the champions because there is no place for them. This has been true for a long time now. Bruisers have been allowed to be strong a total of two times in this game. Once in season 3 and another in season 6 (with 6 lasting about as long as a snow cone in summer). Compared to how long tanks have been allowed to be better than than in every way possible in every stage of the game. Or compared to how much attention AD's get for their role, its nothing. It seems less than nothing. Why has this been allowed to remain the untouched and unaccounted for, for so long, I don't understand. Can someone help explain it to me?
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