Some reasons why the old League might have been better

Yes, my list may sound a little blunt, but it is needed, and I will try to be straightforward with short sentences (from my usually long convoluted sentences). Also, please don’t skim through this if you’re going to read it; I try to make sure nothing I say is in vain, or wasted time. So yeah, please read all the reasoning included without instantly disagreeing… Also I will try to avoid the circlejerky ADC or Tank meta things, as those have been mentioned and discussed enough (or not, who knows, but I will try to not include that here). **FIRST AND FOREMOST:** If possible, keep all or most of the quality of life changes that have been implemented throughout the years. Things such as pinging attack speed, enemy wards, and the like. Those things are what we have been wanting and asking for in earlier seasons, and although we should be happy, we aren’t as much as hoped for, simply because of all the negative things in League that overshadow them. **Things such as:** - Dragon(s). Please consider reverting drag, even if hard work was put into it. Make it so that it goes back to giving the same buffs to each team depending on which one slayed it. That will remove some of the RNG in League. It is not fun having one game with all Cloud drakes, then one with each type, etc. Let’s have some consistency. Nobody asked for a major RNG drag overhaul such as this, you simply made it for the sake of variety. It was not necessary. - Rift Herald. Please remove it. Let League stay with the Epic Monster Duo which are drag and Baron. Yes, Herald allows for new strategies and gameplay, but in the end it only adds to the stomp factor. Let’s not have it. Earlier seasons were nice. - To summarize the above, you could reliably plan strategies around the two monsters, but now that RNG and Herald came into play, it does not feel as clear-cut anymore. I understand you were trying to go for the “no game should be the same,” but look what happened. Well, anyway, next points. - First Blood Tower. Yes, I understand this was implemented to attempt to fix some other problems, but it simply adds to the stomp. I propose that, if we DO need to have it, let’s buff towers. - Weak Towers. As we all know, towers feel weak and unprotective. One should feel safe when staying under or near their tower, as it should be a last resort for safety. If the enemy team is not overly fed, they should not be able to dive you and get away easily. Towers should protect you. Add some armor to towers, health, or whatever passives they used to have. If my enemy died to me a few times, and he thinks he should sacrifice some CS in order stay alive, let him at least be safe under his tower. Sure it feels nice to dive and kill him while I am unharmed, but that just means that towers didn’t do their job. And what would prevent that from happening to me or the rest of my team? Exactly. I ask, what is the point of having towers in the first place, if a Tristana (a late-game champion) can destroy one in under 4 minutes of game time? - Plants. Why did plants come to exist in League in the first place? It looks like you added these for similar reasons as the RNG drags, for the sake of variety. We didn’t really need them. The Blast Cones still feel unreliable when in fast-paced combat. Yes, the indicator feels much smoother than it did at the start of becoming introduced, it still feels unnatural (haha ironic since it’s a plant of nature) to have in the game, along with the other plants. If they were to be removed, it would bring back riskier plays, and deny junglers from having so much health after their clears (I know this is kinda fixed, but we could simply revert that if we reverted plants). Come on, the maps were much nicer and cleaner without plants. People may or may not agree with this one, depending on how used they have gotten, or when they started playing League. - Assassin Rework (and MYMU I guess). This was one of the things that started to severely screw with the balance of League of Legends. It introduced Lethality, and split Invisibility into two different types. This is where we get the “cancer” of Akali from, for example. A long time of invisibility, with no counterplay. We used to have Pink Wards against Akali and Shaco and Vayne, for example, but gone are those days. This is another thing that would improve League if reverted. It is definitely a good idea to be considered. I know you guys (the Balance Team) have gone so far and worked so hard (maybe) with your updates and changes, but please consider these changes. It is something that should be looked into (along with many other things) for the sake of the playerbase (not LCS for once). There are of course more things or reasons such as the ones stated above, but I’ll add them when I think about it more (or if you guys give me more ideas). I believe these reasons are good enough to make a point so far, but feel free to add on to them, or discuss against them.
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