Is league changing too much too fast?

For the first time EVER the other day I actually just didn't want to play a game I was in, not because it was a bad game. It wasn't, was actually pretty decent, but it just wasn't fun. With every patch you change more and more not realizing that EVERY change you make will ripple throughout the entire game. This is the worst I've ever seen a game's balance state. Between your shit matchmaking, and games literally being decided in champ select. This is just awful. I've all but quit playing at this point. Your community feels betrayed, we've all spent countless hours playing this game just for you to turn it into a LC$ plays cash grab and spit in all of our faces. It's disgusting and you should all honestly feel so ashamed for what you've done to the gorgeous game League of Legends used to be. Oh, you wanted to play a fun game of League? Too bad you can't survive more than 3 seconds in a fight unless you build tanky, yanno since every new champ you bring out has ABSURD amounts of mobility and damage. It's like you don't even know you have a PBE server to test things. Turrets have straight been a joke now for like 2 years and running, and you haven't done anything to reprimand that at all. Your game is turning into more and more of a joke with every patch. Maybe... just listen to your community for once, and you won't have a dead game within 3 years. Next season is it for me, turrets buffs AT LEAST or I'm out. I honestly love this game with everything in me, I've met countless friends and even my fiance playing this game. It sickens me to even look at the state that its currently in, thinking of how many nights I've stayed up playing game after game. Now i can't even bring myself to queue up anymore. Please, if not for your sake then for ours. Just listen. We all have some sort of passion for League, and the reason you guys get so much shit for your changes is because of that very reason. Just slow down. Unless something is actually "broken" then just chill, stop trying to get all champions to that golden "50% winrate" that you love so much. That's not balance. Everything needs counter-play to be balanced, that's it. It's that simple. Give players a chance to actually react and think, and I promise you this game will thrive again. Figure that out and your LC$ money will come in regardless. I mean yeah, one shotting someone sure is fun, but yanno what's even better? Having a fun game in general. TL;DR: Just listen to your community, we love this game. Trust us.
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