Aram Changes Wrap-up

Was bullshit... _ARAM has always been the less competitive mode for players to enjoy League characters in a slightly more chill setting. But the bans were so targeted to a select group of champions that we saw an overall decrease in champion diversity. For players who just wanted to reroll for those champs, and didn’t care about having a perfectly balanced experience, it now felt like they were never available. Our goal isn’t to change what ARAM is to most players, and the bans almost took away the whole purpose of it to them. Finally, it also adds another 30 seconds to “getting into game” time, which is something we want to keep quick for this mode._ _A lot of the champs that were frequently banned (Brand, Veigar, Lux) have now been adjusted, making them more fair to play against. We’d like to give players some time to play ARAM with the balance changes and see if they feel that these ban-worthy champions are still qualified as such._ 1: I feel that some at riot were getting salty that people were banning poke champs. I cannot see any other reason to remove it considering people was having so much fun when it was introduced. You can have an unbalanced team comp experience without poke champions. 2: Nobody actually gives a fuck about the buffs and nerfs in aram. I would say 90% of people playing don't even know the champions have been changed. All the champions they named would have you stuck under the turret the entire game cause off cc and damage. Bring back the damn bans I've already played games stuck under turret and can't even tank up fast enough cause the game ending so fast from the minions.

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