What in the actual fuck is going on with matchmaking right now?!

I have not had one game since the season starts without at LEAST 2 lanes hyperfeeding, or team going literally 5-6 deaths before 3 min. Last game I played I had a 2-18 Sylas then the 0-7 riven with 59 cs at 22 minutes.. the bot lanes that go 0-10 before 10. I've managed to carry some, with unbelievable stress and uphill fighting, but it's been the worst season I've ever seen by 100 miles. I had gotten to my plat promos when the preseason ended, after only a week and a half of actually playing ranked on that account, having a practically free easy time climbing. Now that the new season started, I cant even get out of silver 2.. it's absolutely unreal how the game is matching me.. I keep looking at op.gg and seeing "Enemy team average = gold 2" ... "Ally team average = silver 4" WTF!! I'm on such a ridiculous losing streak right now I'm embarrassed to even talk about it. Normally I would agree not to blame my teammates, or the matchmaking, or say "elo hell", but omfg.. I've never seen anything like this! I CANNOT get teammates that don't flat out run it down nonstop.. game after game after game. Like.. is MMR to blame for this or what? There's no way in hell that my mmr is still higher than my elo, with the sheer _massive_ amount of losses I've had so far. So why does it keep matching my team against 1 1/2 better division teams or worse??
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