@Riot Regarding Yasuo, and the treatment of 'infinite mobility champions'

Namely Yasuo, as Riot is doing things about Camilla. 15% play rate, and Riot refuses to acknowledge that, despite his average win rate, he's overshadowing most AD assassins, and with the 7.3 nerfs to other AD assassins, he will have an even higher play rate. It's disgusting that this is the same company endorsing gameplay diversity, when all I see, every game, is a Yasuo. My main issue with Yasuo isn't that he's resourcless (Riven is an example of a mobile, resourceless fighter assassin done right), it's his passive. Free crit, on top of the shield, for being mobile, on a champion who gets a .1 cd dash. You need to take his shield away, Katarina lost her DR, Akali lost her infinite sustain.
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