Remove Duo's from Soloqueue

Not salty, in fact haven't played ranked in a hot minute. Just a normals player who is frequently matched with 3 or 4 man premades and it reminded me. Duo queue doesn't belong in solo queue rating. Move it instead into flex where you have duo's matched only with 3 mans. and obviously 5 man's for 5 people with no quarter for 4 mans. It breeds toxic in game behavior when you have a group of people who will shit on the solo player and to the point that the grouped people won't communicate or ignore the odd man out. This is not healthy for soloqueue, in fact it's not healthy in general. I'd purely believe in Solo Only Queue and 5 Man Only Queues for teams as there is no real good inbetween. And then you add less subjectively that it promotes smurfing and duo boosting and you have to wonder why duo queue still exists.

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