what a 5 000 000 mastery player thinks about his champion ( the worst champion in game actually)

hi , I'm sorry for the missleading title there , but I had to get as much upvotes as I could to make a RIOTER see this post , since I'm so frustrated seeing a lot of SHEN players posting about their struggles , please keep reading. I'm going to explain , this is a post in EUW server , where a guy talks about having 2 000 000 mastery points on SHEN , and how he struggles having one of the worst toplaners and supporters winrates , you could see it if you want, I do feel the same as a (300k SHEN player) . sadly there are no RIOTERS on EUW that have direct acces on balancing champions , **'' https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/VopOiEW8-shen-8th-attempt-in-3-years ''** the problem here is that since his rework , he is getting weaker with every patch , his winrate is on a dropping spree , which is now 47% just before RYZE and viktor .(goes lower , the lower elo it is ) literally in the toplane , picking shen means automatically losing lane (unless the jungler camps you) or the enemy is unexperienced enough to give you free taunts undertower , also picking shen means automatically losing lots and lots of cs to you tower , while not having enough damage yo finish minions after towerhits , even the Q encreasing damage has been nerfed , now even Q damage is enough for csing undertower , the only way to not fall behind is to tank minions . or to give up gold not to die to the poke and lose xp as well . let's make things clearer , Imma state things ordered : **problems toplaner shen has :** -low base damage to minions/monsters . -worst wave clear in game . ( not exegerating he is the worst actually, even braum had more acces to farming than shen , since shen's E doesn't do damage to minions) -worst base stats among all tanks ( all bruisers and even some assasins and mages have more hp per lvl) -has to build tiamat and sunfire as soon as possible to fix farming a bit , which against AP matchups mean straight up feeding. -a clunky kit (Q) which is so hard to benefit from , since there's an arrow that helps enemies keep track of it , it's slow is unusable at all -almost useless W . ( as people know , W is attached to Q sword , which means it's allmost impossible to place it correctly to protect allies , also it lasts for only 1 autoattacks or two at max ) (20 seconds cd , like if it was yasuo's windwall ) ( it is totally useless against abilities damaging champions) -very very very long coolowns ( on his W , on his E , on his R , even on his Q that he needs to keep repositionning in lane ) -his very nerfed R ( shen's R need to have a single topic I'm gonna talk about it in the end of the thread). **Problems Support Shen has :** -support shen has the same stated issues there , (except for the cs ones ), but add to it . -he gets stupidly poked by enemy supports to the point that he can't engage with no hp. -adc's hate having shen since he is useless untill mid/late game . -shen has to leave adc to ult other lanes which makes them vulnerable , and get dove. -shen already has bad stats , he need to get enough gold to compensate that with tanky items , which support shen doesn't seem to have . -in the actual botlane meta , people seem to go (AD adc's , and AP hard poking supports) while shen can't build double Ap/ad tanky items otherwise he would stay be sqooshy at both of them , he need to focus on one of them to have at least minimum tankiness other support tanks have ( like braum , alistar and taric ... ) . . . . . . let's talk about shen's R which had been nerfed patch after patch , whenever shen shows up in proplay : sure , shen's R is a little strong (not as big as some ultimates ({{champion:44}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:72}} are ) but , but people seem to give it more value than it actually has , especially in SoloQ , where you can't ult in bot unless your jungler is in topside and ready to def your tower , (people would say TP back to lane , but with the problems I stated above , shen needs to base and tp back to lane at most in lvl 4-5 pre lvl 6 , which means he can't use ult untill lvl 9 or 10 , which by then enemy bot could probably get fed . also a lot of people has been saying that shen ult has no counterplay , while it's totally the opposite , since shen can't move while chanelling it , which means he could get killed while chanelling or TP with no hp and get killed eitherways , also all meta toplaners could interrupt it pretty easily , also the shield it gives is so tiny , and scales with AP which shen doesn't build , which means the shielded ally would die at anytime , NOT to forget than shen can't stop the tp , as a conclusion , it's more risky to use ult , than the benefits it gives , I personally tend to ult 3 to 4 times max , only when I'm sure I can't get interrupted , my tower won't fall to my opponent , I have tp , and I won't die just after I use it . also a lot of people seem to say (yo Shen is strong , he can splitpush and turn 4V4 to 5V4),I'd say you are wrong bro , so wrong my dear , shen could get solo'ed by any toplaner , doesn't have wave clear to split , doen't have the damage to kill tower fast like all champions do , usually shen players don't take (demolish , cuz if you don't take shield bash , you will die in lane , no doubt). . . . If you make it till here , I'd beg you , please upvote this , I'm sorry again for the title , but I , and all shen players need to understand , why are rioters giving all that hate to shen , why aren't they just nerfing his ult and buffing other parts of his kit , why do they see how we suffer as shen mains , from losing lane every game , not having a single winning matchup , not having a single standard role , where shen could be strong ,not having the possibility to scale like all champions do , not having a single explaination whenever shen get nerfed , the only thing we know is that he is played in proplay , and have decent winrate , unlike camille and sion ... that have a so high pick/win rates.
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