Now that the break is over I want a Rioter to address GRIEFING SUPPORTS cause of AUTOFILL...

Been a few threads that discuss it, but we have all seen it. **EDIT: I urge anyone reading this to share their experiences so Rioters can read what it is were all seeing, and maybe get a response.** Some total asshat gets autofilled into support, and would rather do anything other than actually support. They wont build a sight stone, usually build like a carry, and often feed. They dont give a damn either often saying "I wont get autofilled that much, doesnt matter" indicating they have no desire to support, and just wont when theyre forced to. The typical response I would expect is that "It will primarily affect those people and their games in the long run." Its affected me several times. Iv had as many as 3 autofilled supports in a row who pick random stuff from junglers to top laners and refuse to build sight stone and have no clue how to play a 2v2 lane that is the prime gank target. They dont care either... So I want a Rioter to come and tell me this is how autofill is supposed to work. To make the games where people are forced into a role and then grief is supposed to help the game. Shorter queue times into horrible matches is what were getting in lower elo. Hashtag: Autotrolls.
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