Tanks should not get to out poke anyone

{{champion:14}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:36}} are the main champs this refers too. I am a firm believer that champions who are meant to get tanky should not get ranged abilities that have the potential to pole people out of lane. IMO if tanks are spamming their ranged abilities on you they should run oom before they get close to kill you. Tanks should only have damage when you are close to them and should be forced to stay on top of you in order to maintain large damage output. Here is the reasoning behind this. When tanks main damaging ability is something with range and does all its damage at once then you are encouraging opponents to just not interact with the tanks. As it is damage is more expensive than defense so if you go for damage against a tank he will just use his ranged ability whenever you get into range to hurt you and disengage and then wait for it to come back up. So your best course of action is to just never try and trade with the tank which is just super boring and not fun. I have no issue with tanks having ranged CC abilities that help them get in range to do damage.
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