Hidden MMR and Riot's Transparency

After receiving a lot of criticism and feedback regarding matchmaking and MMR, this new season Riot has responded with positional ranks and the MMR splashing and all that new good stuff. My question is how can there actually be a coherent conversation between Riot and its player base when the actual system, the real MMR numbers, are hidden from players. There is zero transparency, we are forced to take Riot at their word and are forced to rely on our own anecdotes when discussing matchmaking. Why not empower the players by making a player's MMR public? From my understanding they hide MMR so that it feels good to climb divisions, even if your MMR isn't improving due to a 50% WR. People like to watch their numbers go up, which makes some sense. However if Riot is serious about improving matchmaking they should commit to transparency and to stand behind their system, as opposed to hiding behind a veil of secrecy. Trust between Riot and its player base is important, and giving us this information would go a long way. Riot, if you are proud of the work you've done with matchmaking, show us our MMR! It doesn't threaten the integrity of the division system, it will still feel good to climb. But players are choosing to spend their time on your game and deserve to know how the matchmaking system actually works, and where they truly place. It reminds me of facebook and their hidden timeline algorithms, I am playing this game for fun and not to be a part of some data experiment as you fiddle with the matchmaking algorithm behind the scenes. And if there is no fiddling or whatever, then I see no reason not to release a player's actual MMR. Otherwise there is no proof either way if I'm right or wrong, and the players deserve proof regarding this stuff.
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