Urgot is strong, NOT overbearing.

There is seriously no need to nerf the champion. He may have a 31% presence in pro play, but he is not pick/ban and is used as a sort of consistency pick to match tanks and shovers in lane. The broad of his damage is single target, and he builds damage items that bring utility for his passive. He is no where near as tanky as picks like Ornn or Maokai, I would say he matches Gnar's tankiness but balances this by not having the obnoxious range or mobility. His kit has a learning curve and a mastery expression in his E's ability to buffer crowd control, and as a juggernaut he finds himself usefull not in split pushing, but in teamfights by using Fear Beyon Death + {{item:3800}} to land a 3-4 man fear after pull, something that is gated by his team's ability to follow him up. Urgot took an entire year to be viable just from quality of life changes, he currently sits at a 50% winrate with 5% playrate, listed as an A TIER in soloq, There is no reason to nerf this champion, let alone not touch champions like Kaisa or Lucian.
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