PRESEASON RUNES FOR ALL CHAMPIONS (Subject to Change) (CTRL F the champ name to find it) Who am I?: My league username is Lord Dolan on Na, I'm D5 in solo and flex queue, and have been playing the game since beta.
I made pages for all champs, you don't have to agree with all of them, but this should be for the most part what you see when general rune pages are established. Some of the **images** (NOT the actual pages) aren't relevant due to balance changes but the pages are still the same since those balance changes did not influence my opinion. Sorry the layout isn't very professional. I'll work with you guys to fix the document if you give viable enough pointers. A lot of you guys MAIN specific champs and probably have more insight which has already been demonstrated in the comments. By all means, tell me I'm wrong so we have more accurate information. Thank you. Edit: So far you guys are giving for the most part good feedback, keep it up especially those that main specific champions. Again, doing all champs is a challenge because I do not main all champions lol, I just use my knowledge of the game. **I'll check back every once in a while to see suggestions**

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