Just had one of the best ranked matches ever with Zoe :).

Captured with Lightshot
My toplaner goes afk in the first 15 seconds, my jg goes afk in the first 2 minutes. Botlane thought it was over, thankfully we couldn't remake because they weren't dc'd. I was playing against Ekko, he got first blood on me, after that I killed him several times, their toplaner Swain starts taunting me that I can't win the match because I have 2 afk, I ignore him and start camping him at top and killing him several times, he starts saying Zoe is broken and requires no skill, I keep killing him and Ekko, now the enemy team is fighting each other because I'm 10/2. Darius and Yi reconnect and die several times to Swain, Swain keeps flaming, Ekko starts flaming that I'm playing "An easy champion", their botlane asks for reports on their jg for not killing me, I'm 15/4. We push mid and destroy everything in our way, they have no way to kill me. I ended with over 50.000 dmg on champions in 29 minutes, the enemy team couldn't stop flaming each other in post-game screen! :D This was so much fun and can be a good lesson that any game is winnable :). (Here's a link to the match: https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2139501428/2130775682462560?tab=overview)
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