FIX your game, Riot! People are giving up!

Title. This game is BORING, BROKEN and stupid right now. If I had met league like this I would never EVER consider playing It long enough to develop myself as a reasonable good player. I dont even need to explain what's happening to champions balance, just take a quick look at the boards. I can't even convince my friends to play it. They all saying "Nah, league is not fun now". I mean, what would you expect?? " YEA DUDE BEING HIT BY 1K DAMAGE ARROW THROUGH THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP IS REALLY FUN LES GO" "OH GOD BEING UNABLE TO DO SHIT IN TOP LANE AGAINST OP CHAMPS IS SO GUD" "WOW LEE SIN Q Q R ONE SHOTS ME EVEN WHEN I'M A TANK SO FUN, AMUSING!" " HEY I JUST WON LANE AGAINST FIORA/RIVEN/JAYCE BUT NEVERMIND SHE/HE CAN BLOW UP ALL MY HEALTH BAR IN ONE SECOND AGAIN!" " OH HEY THERES AN ASSASSIN, I WOULD STOP HIM BUT HE HAS 3 SPELLSHIELDS AND 4 WAYS TO TAKE OFF MY CC AND WHOLE COMBO! LETS EVERYBODY JUST BURN AND LAUGH ABOUT IT!" Even abusing broken picks is not fun. You clearly feel how unfair It is. Fix It, Riot. Fix your game. I'm leaving this until you guys do something.
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