OP.GG doesn't even list Udyr anymore. He needs help.

Currently, when you hover over his portrait on OP.GG, it says RIP (there isn't enough sample size for this champion). I mean, that's really really sad! He's the only champion in such a state right now, even though I know others are struggling as well. On other sites like champion.gg you can get stats, but it's just as depressing since he's way below average in everything other than farm. He even has the lowest ban rate in the game, tied with Voli and Skarner. I'm sure that's just a symptom of the fact that melee without gapclosers just don't belong in the game. Can any RIOT employee please give me some hope that you're looking into helping champions like Udyr? Or have you completely given up on trying to balance him, maybe give Ryze another rework instead?

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