Unpopular opinion : Those changes aren't that bad.

I personally like the turret plating mechanic as they're actually quite helpfull in many ways. Yes it's annoying when you get rekt and ppl get more gold to snowball your lane but at the same time it takes more time for turret to fall which prevents those fed ppl spread their gold lead to other lanes and snowball the entire game. Second thing is that sometimes, you play agains't champions that roams while you're not always in a position to follow (assassins mostly aka bush trap or whatever) but you can now punish them or at least not fall too far behind if they get a kill by getting gold from turrets. Meanwhile, players can roam without fearing to lose their turret in a blink of an eye because the enemy jungler suddenly came to help push your turret. Although, I find the plates a bit weak so I would either segment them in 4 or buff the bullwark. The bounty system based on cs is great too. I mean, we've all faced this hyperfed person (jax) that use his lead to splitpush and sidewave forever getting even bigger leads, now you can actually comeback in the game by getting some decent amount of gold to come back in the game by shutting them down. The bounty indicator is great in that sense too. The changes to minions speed and canons changes are quite helpfull for those who rely further on macro plays such as slowpushing both if you're losing or winning. Overall, I see much more lever for comebacks. At the end, it's going to be up to the players to commit and use those lever at the fullest. So I don't think those preseason changes are that bad at all when you look at them closely. Nonetheless, I kinda wished game could last a tiny longer by buffing t2 and t3 because the 14th min mark is a bit too brutal in term of pace change in my opinion.
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