I've Become Disenchanted With the Game

Is there anybody else? I used to be in love with this game. I could spend hours playing and not be bored or frustrated, even after losses. Recently, though, I find myself sitting in front of the computer like a robot, locking into ranked queue day after day. Nothing really comes of it. On anybody's first death, the toxicity is already at extremely high levels. Eventually you have to mute 3 or for people, and then there's no social interaction. It's like this in normals, ARAM, ranked, hell, even in 3's. Now, I just find myself dragging through soloqueue having flame wars with every person that gets mad 2 minutes in and says "gg" if a teammate gives up first blood. Is there a cure for the way this game has become a time killer instead of a hobby? I really do want to enjoy it again. I've been playing for 5+ years, and put lots of money into playing. I've logged so many hours just because I'm devoted to it. But I don't really see myself lasting much longer.
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