Funny builds/picks for season 8

Helmo everyone. Before starting, I just want to tell you that I'm french, so don't blame me if I say things that doesn't mean anything :) So, let's start and enjoy. As you know, season 8 is here, and it brought tons of funny picks and builds with it. Personally, I love playing AP Malphite mid with these runes (I don't remember all names) Sorcellery: comet - ultimate hat - 10% cdr -- scaling AP Inspiration: hextech flash - 5% cdr I rush morellonomicron and liche bane, and at 10-15 minutes I have 60% cdr on my R. Useful to one shot carry as often as possible (that sounds strange, is it correct ?) And you ? What is/are your favourite(s) exotic picks ?
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