Any chance that our champion Mastery Points can unlock exclusive champion emotes?

I'm currently going on the road to 1 million points with kled with a big handful of my champions are past the 100,000 mark. I was wondering if in the future that dedicated fans of their most favourite champion/s that reach 250,000 to 1,000,000 can get exclusive emote/s icons, wards, a in game banner for their lane or jungle, only one free future skin all have to be related to the one champion. This year I've only spent £20 on RP since most recent skins are too expensive so I have to wait for sales while the previous years I've spend just over £900 in total on alot of skins, less than half of the champs bought with RP, Hextech crafting. This year I only bought Lunar Guardian Nasus, aram boosts. Second purchase from the recent "Your Shop" sale Baron Badlands Rumble and Beemo. What do you guys think about fans of their favourite champion grinding points for exclusive reward or a free skin in the future?

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