The balance in toplane has been laughable for whole seasons

So we have this lane, where you are supposed to play melee tanks, but: -Any ranged champion automatically wins lane against a melee champion. -AD champions focused on damage are considerably stronger than tanks. But wait, there is more. Since all kind of champions are allowed on this lane (for some strange reason), if you are top and you are first or second pick you are going to get counterpicked hard and lose the laning phase since champion select. Let's not forget to mention that this is the lane with less agency; literally any of the other four roles have significantly more impact in winning or losing the game that toplane. It's totally ridiculous that a lane is like this when Riot puts massive widespread changes on the table when botlane has any minimum balance problem. Are they planning to do something about toplane balance? Or just ignore the place for the whole season like usual?
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