Blue Side Advantage

Why does Blue win more often? There are articles and threads about it, but nothing more than stats are being provided. No one has really told us why blue wins more. MSI is taking place and after three days Blue side has won 14 times while red side has won 4 times. The two biggest upsets happened when the upsetting team was playing on blue side. The statistics don't lie. Blue side does win more than Red. Riot has confirmed this and have even stated that red side teams are given higher rated players to make up for the advantage. I looked online to see if anyone had any idea why this is happening. All I saw were statistics regarding macro play. Red side seems to get first dragon more often while blue gets tower more often. Well, obviously the dragon pit faces the red side giving them a slight advantage for taking dragon. But why does blue get an advantage in taking towers? No article online could posit a decent reason why blue side wins more across all rankings. There was a claim that the camera angle gives blue side players a better view of the map and I started thinking about this. We know that champions' hitboxes are places at the base of the champions. That is, if you want to hit a champion, you should aim at their feet. Sometimes a skill shot seems to hit, but misses because it went just where the head is. With that said, players playing from bot to top have an advantage in that the closest part of the enemy's body to them is their feet. Playing from up to down means that red side sees their opponents heads first and will therefore aim more often towards their heads, meaning they will miss skillshots more often. I wish I could provide hard evidence that red side misses skill shots more often, but I don't have the time for that. TLDR: Playing blue side means enemy hitboxes are closer to you. Red side they are further from you. Blue side has an advantage when trying to make skillshots. Post Mortem Discussion: I'm not buying "camera angle" as a reason. Nor do I buy the HUD being positioned at the bottom. The mount of space viewable on both sides is still the same. Having the HUD on the bottom or top makes no difference to amount of space viewable on either side. Some are saying it is simply to do with first pick for blue being a big advantage. Once again, this is disproved when you consider that this phenomenon carries over into ALL game modes, not just ranked. Thus, one should come to the conclusion that there has to be another explanation. I am without a doubt that having HP bar/HEADs be closer to you is a disavantage and having the base of a champion closer to you is an advantage when attempting skillshots. Some people say, "Well it just makes things interesting/fun to talk about." It affects the integrity of the game at the competitive level, and yes, that includes ranked play. It creates an additional variable when matchmaking has to put teams together, and this added complexity adds stress to a system which is arguably having a very hard time matching evenly skilled teams. By solving the problem of blue side advantage, not only will your ranked games feel more even more often, League of Legends will no longer be a game that gives a side an advantage. And as an aside, I think picks should be done like this for ranked and professional play. Both teams open up with 3 blind bans done at concurrently (same time). If there are repeat bans, so be it. Picks are also done concurrently for player 1 and then 2. 2 more bans also concurrently. Players 3, then 4 and then 5 then also pick and concurrently as well. Doing picks concurrently not only saves times, but also removes any "advantage" to a single side. I think it would be way more interesting as well considering it would allow for mirror matches.
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